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Bellamy blake tumblr

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In celebration for this, I am opening my requests back up! I have to say, no promise they will get out quickly, but I will get them out for you! I will definitely not wait a year or two like I did all of these other ones oops. Thank you!

bellamy blake tumblr

And please leave me some feedback as well, I really would enjoy it! It has been a while since you had seen him. A long while. It almost hurt you physically to think about the last day you had seen him. It was another normal night on the ark, the two of you had been making out on your couch, your parents worked nights as guards, so you had the place to yourself the majority of the time.

It helped with Bellamy since the two of you held no strings to the other. At least, that was the original plan. It had lasted a while, but inevitably you grew feelings for him. The two of you got along almost too well in the beginning; however, the arguments followed.

They were never anything big or serious, just small arguments that would always end in your room. The two of you were basically married without the vows and the shared room. Until you got caught. You spit out a quick sorry and attempted to move around him, but his hand gripped your arm roughly, pulling you back towards him.

As your eyes drifted towards the bag on the floor you had forgotten about everything in the world except your decision earlier that afternoon. The process of the arrest passed through you like a whirlwind.

You remembered being in the hallway with the guard and then you were in a cell with another juvenile named Harper. You remember her being quiet but friendly, which helped slightly in the initial shock of everything, but you had never truly gotten over it.

Well, you thought you did. You were over the arrest and the impending weight of being killed within a few months, but most importantly you were over Bellamy. Until the day you were sent down to earth with 99 others. At first, you were welcome to the idea of going to earth and experiencing the unbelievable, until you heard his voice after the landing.

Every feeling of longing and lust entered your body again and instantaneously felt the need to puke. You looked around you quickly, for anything you could grab for leverage when your hand gripped the arm of the person beside you. As rough as the voice sounded, they still held you up, keeping you from losing your balance. Once you had regained your composure, you straightened yourself and met eyes with them.

And you sucked at it. You tried to hide the smile that began to form, but before Murphy could point it out, the doors opened to the dropship, and everything went silent.

The blinding light that entered the dark ship could bring anyone to tears.Thank you li0nh34rt! I was tagged by francissnackholefreakithechaoscolder-bonesli0nh34rt and shatteeran! Guys, thank you so muuuch! Getting around to this.

Thank you scilesmccallinski for tagging me!!! Oh my!!

Tumblr crushes challenge

Thank you so much arabellawolfheart. Oh darling! Thank you so much love! Anonymous asked: Do you do ships? Can you ship me with a character? I like politics and science. I love you so much!!! Anonymous asked: I'd like to get a male ship -- I am a 5' curvy brunette who is fierce and sarcastic asf. Friends and family agree that I am extremely smart. I'd do anything for the people I love and if I like you, I'm loyal for eternity. I play lacrosse and volleyball and I take charge in many situations.

Can't wait to see who you choose, Matchmaker! Anonymous asked: Can I get a ship please? I have blondish brown hair and brown eyes. I try to be nice and patient with people but sometimes i just snap and the savage is released. I Love your acc! Of course you can!

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Monty Green!! There are a lot of people I would like to tag, but again, it says 12… theo-raeken-loml theliteraltrash cescalr stephentries jetblackaffair all-thoughts-thiam trimberly-hart panwithafrogman brother-starlight allhailthedramallama mooniwolfkomoki harrydraco.

bellamy blake tumblr

Madi is the biggest Bellarke shipper we haveee. Anonymous asked: I absalutly love your Ballemy Blake imagines! If you have any other blogs that write for him that you could recommed I'd gladly check them out.

God, I.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. What did it mean, his family? What family? Still, as the orphan and only child he thought he was, it was an offer too good to refuse.

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He had arrived in town two nights ago, and since then his old memories had been pouring in. It was hard to describe the sensation: it was like waking up from a dream, but in reverse.

He remembered green lights taking his sister away, Sanctum, his six years in space, surviving on Earth, shooting Jaha…. He sat on a piece of driftwood on the beach, facing the waves and letting the last of his memories wash over him.

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Bellamy shook silently, closing his eyes and trying not to cry. Hearing footsteps behind him, he stilled and straightened his back. Keep reading. Fears are fears. Kori looked up from her butterbeer. In fact, he hoped it meant that everyone else was distracted and he could probably get away with being seen LESS while he worked on research.

Rejection, failure, love, death. So, assuming we mesh well together, all we need is one of two more people. They seem pretty laid-back. And who knows?

i think about his face a lot

Long post, sorry. However she does go to non-magical places and meet non-magical folks as well so she can still interact with other types of characters. That could go any number of ways which could be interesting.So the list of all of my unwritten imagines has been deleted!!

Send me requests yo!!

bellamy blake tumblr

His arms would be around me at all times with his hands under my shirt skimming the skin on my stomach. Originally posted by venomous-lies. All the people and the bustle and the noises. You were walking down one of the steel lined corridors, on your way to a supply run with Bellamy - your oldest friend.

A sudden drilling noise, echoing around the corridors, inescapable. You covered your ears, trying to stop the images that came flooding in. The long drill whirring in front of your face, the screams from your lips, fingernails digging into the bed you were strapped to, the intense, excruciating pain as the drill pierced your hip, messy and inefficient.

Your breath in short gasps, pain in your chest, lump in your throat, the feeling of going insane. You kept your eyes shut, but that almost made it worse. The drilling was in your head. It was everywhere. He scooped you up, carrying you away in his arms, away from the painful noise, out to the jeep ready for your supply run.

He strapped you in the front, yelled at someone that you were going on your supply run and drove you away. Away from the noise and the pain, into the forest where he parked the jeep and leaned over to you, gentle hand on your knee, soft voice. He got out of the vehicle, opening your side door and pulling you out into his arms.

He set you down in the back and sat beside you, your body cuddled up against his and he held you in his arms, close against his chest, protecting you. Taking your blood, your bone marrow, drilling and drilling and drilling. Not caring how messy it was - they expected you to die anyway. Not caring how much pain you were in. It was like they blamed you. But you were on your own for so long. Away from the other members of the in Mount Weather, away from your friends, away from Bellamy, You were alone in your suffering.

A moment of silence, tense and building, then your lips together with his gently, his strong arms still around you, holding you close. Since you laughed and made me laugh with you.

Since you cried and I cried with you. Since a while. Originally posted by zooxzoo. Originally posted by katherinepeirce. Posts Archive.

She looks so good rn mhmmmm. Bellamy Blake. Dating Bellamy Blake moodboard. Since Then - Bellamy x Reader. Requested by Anon Originally posted by venomous-lies Arcadia. It would never stop.Clarke spotting Bellamy and then jumping right into that hug, them clinging to one another as always, and Clarke breaking down in front of him because she knows she can, like we really only got a 30 second Bellarke scene and they still killed it.

If Bellamy knows you killed Clarke, then all of this is for nothing. You might as well kill us all now. Originally posted by charmainediyoza. Originally posted by clarkgriffon. Originally posted by damn-salvatore. Originally posted by bellarkedaily. Originally posted by samann Originally posted by heywoodxparker. Originally posted by commandermadi. Originally posted by cu-woman. Originally posted by sonjackcarl. The remaining delinquents and maybe the other mains are sitting around a campfire.

No new civilization or group of people this time. This is the Final Season and I think it should be very character heavy. Specifically, The Delinquents. That ragtag band of juvenile delinquents is what started this show and they are its heart.

The remaining of The that have fought and made it this far deserve the last season to shine a spotlight on them. Log in Sign up. WHY bellarke bellamy blake clarke griffin the spoilers. I love one man. Murphy on Bellarke vs Be. Just thought you should be aware. You misinterpreted. List of people Jo! Clarke and Clarke!People meet, they get a good feeling, and then they get to work building a relationship. Bellamy looking down at Earth while Clarke looks up into the sky.

Then, both of them looking down at Sanctum, together. Strong female character who is the leader. Is always questioned about her decisions and coldness, but actually done the things for her people, badass and all cold but actually she have a big heart and is a cinnamon roll.

Strong male leader, everyone respects him and is always the heroe, he is constantly fighting between what is right and what have to be done.

bellamy blake tumblr

The girl who grew up as a outsider, and lived horrible things which made her learn to fight and become a warrior. Is actually the strongest and fight with herself about her darkness and thirst for revenge.

The intelligent one, the one who is always helping and solving the probles whith the head, is moral and always choose what is right first. The one who always fight for himself, selfish and an traitor, who regrets his decisions and gets redemption. Lived a traumatic experience when she was a child, and is untrusted all the time, cold and always analyze people before open herself.

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The guy who is very rude and grumpy since he lived a hard life, but is actually a cinnamon roll and is always shirtless. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. That Gaze. Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake in season one of The Burning red.

The guy who is very rude and grumpy since he lived a hard life, but is actually a cinnamon roll and is always shirtless Strong siblings bounding between the heroe and the warrior Powerful couple between the leader and the heroe Hot couple between the warrior and the rude guy.I was tagged by the amazing great-wanheda and ehmori. They started filming for season 6 today.

Buckle up boo boo the fool kru and get ready to be baited. Omg I know I recently rewatched that scene bc I love pain obviously and I could see his inner turmoil written all over his face. He was remembering the stress and the panic he felt during praimfaya.

Reblogged 1 year ago from josiemikaelson Originally from scodelariokaya. Tagged: that was literally me too thoi gaspedand then i realizedI was fucked bc Bob is so beautiful.

Posted 1 year ago. Tagged: bellarkethebellamy x clarkebellamy blake. Reblogged 1 year ago from littlemermaiids. I was tagged by the amazing great-wanheda and ehmori My tumblr crushes are clarkegriffintitties tumblr crush? Reblogged 1 year ago from youleftme-clarke.

Reblogged 1 year ago from gilbrtblythe Originally from still-watching. Tagged: lmaoooohe really makes that face all the timei cant stop laughing. Ask me anything. My blog All of Tumblr. RSS feed.


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